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Tsinghua-Tencent Joint lab held the 2011 Annual Review Meeting in Beijing

Recently, Tsinghua University-Tencent Joint Lab for Internet Innovation Technologies, which has been established for one year, held the 2011 annual summary report in Beijing. Ji Zhiyuan, director of the High Technology Research and Development Center in the Ministry of the Science and Technology, and Li Yuhong, director of the Department of Science and Technology in the Ministry of Education attended the meeting. During the discussion of the meeting, they fully affirmed the achievements of the joint lab and also gave many guiding opinions on the future direction of the joint lab. Sun Xin, director of Degree Office of Tsinghua University, Zheng Quanzhan, vice-president of Tencent, and president Tencent Research Institute, Yang Shiqiang, deputy director of the joint lab Management Committee, Lin Chuang, director of the Academic Committee of the Department of Computer Science and Technology (DCST) and more than fifty members of the joint lab also attended the meeting. Hu Shimin, director of the joint lab and deputy of DCST, summarized the work of 2011 and introduced the plan of the joint lab. All participating members conducted in-depth discussions on future development of the joint lab.

Since its establishment in 2010, the joint lab has been taking “scientific research cooperation”, “personnel training” and “academic exchange” as the main directions. After one year development and growth, the joint lab has achieved satisfactory results in all direction.

From the aspect of research development for national needs and enterprise needed key technologies, the joint lab has made a big progress in the last year. The joint lab has undertaken a research project-“public and enterprise service oriented network operating system development”, which is a part of the 863 major project “key technologies and systems for Cloud computing”, and a major special project-"a new generation of search engines and browsers” and a 863 project “technologies and systems for real scene sensing and digitalization " have entered the phase for substantial development and have obtained some research achievements. At the same time, the incubation projects of the joint lab has also achieved milestone achievements, some projects have granted patent licenses and published several high-level papers in some high-level journals, part of the research results have been transformed into product prototypes.

Besides national research projects, in the direction of advancing the integration of industrial production, teaching and research, the joint lab also made unremitting efforts. The joint lab has setup Innovation Fund, which has granted many research projects of other universities and research institutes. The funded research projects covers topics of: knowledge engineering and data mining for internet information processing, innovative applications based on internet-scale images, speech retrieval technology in mobile environment, privacy protection technology, internet innovative applications and so on. All of these research projects have achieved stage research results. The project innovative applications based on internet-scale images, has entered product operation stage and received good user feedback after product-online.

As research projects gained fruitful achievements, the joint lab input a lot in doctoral training, student practice internship and other aspects. The joint lab also applied for the establishment of the National Engineering Practice and Education Center of the Ministry of Education, which laid the foundation for school-enterprise cooperation to open up the idea of Internet high-end talent cultivation mode.

Referred to the achievements of the joint lab in the past year, Professor Hu Shimin, director of the joint lab said that since its establishment, the joint lab has received strong support and attention from relevant ministries and leaders, experts and industry professionals, and has made some achievements and lead to better response in the industry in the internet innovative technology research and the transformation of technology into productive forces. In the coming year, the joint lab will combine the trends of international technology, continue to increase investment in the cultivation of innovation technology and basic research, expand the scope and intensity in personnel training, and promote interdisciplinary research and academic exchanges in the industry to contribute to the development of Internet innovation.