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Tsinghua Supercomputing Team Won Championship in Their First Appearance in SC15

The Tsinghua Supercomputing Team Has Scooped up Champions of the Three International Leading Supercomputing Competitions in 2015

The Tsinghua supercomputing team won the championship in the SC15 (Student Cluster Competition 2015), which was held in Austin, Texas in U.S. on Nov. 19th (local time). It is the first time that colleges or universities from Mainland China have won the championship in this tournament.

The Tsinghua supercomputing team is composed of teachers and students from Department of Computer Science and Technology,Tsinghua University. They are undergraduate students Qiu Jiezhong, Wang Miao, Zhou Youwei, Liang Dun, Liang Junbang, Lu Yiqin, their coach Li Kaiwei as well as the instructor Zhai Jidong. So far, during this year the Tsinghua supercomputing team has scooped up champions of ASC15 (Student Supercomputer Challenge 2015), ISC15 (International Supercomputing Conference 2015) and SC15 (Student Cluster Competition 2015), the three leading supercomputing competitions for international college students.

SC is one of the three major supercomputing competitions for international college students, along with ISC as well as ASC. All of them are annual competitions, aiming to promote the linkages between the university students as well as the industry, to push forward the communication and education of the young supercomputing talents from all parts of the world, and to improve the ability of research, development as well as application.