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“Let’s Run, Dear DCST!”

Health remains the eternal subject of human beings and no doubt, health is wealth. Running is the best-known form of aerobic exercise and as long as you have a pair of comfortable shoes, you can start your own healthy journey. Running is not only simply a form of sports but also a representative of a life attitude.

In order to raise health awareness amongst alumni and to create a positive fitness environment, on the first day of April 2015, the Department of Computer Science and Technology (DCST) at Tsinghua University launched a long-distance running challenge event called “Let’s Run, Dear DCST!” Different from other fitness activities, the event used Wechat to notify all alumni to take on the challenge.

In accordance with the event’s rules, each participant completes a 6 km run out of the 60 days and post their results through their Wechat and at the same time, challenge three of their friends also from the DCST to the same task. Their friends must complete a similar 6km run within 72 hours and then the challenge continues. If they cannot then they must donate no more than 1000 RMB to a fund supporting the students’ extra-curricular activities. There are no limits set to the total distance, the number of times one can run for and/or the donation. Participants can also be voted and convert the distance that they’ve had ran into awards. They could be voted to receive awards such as “The best route”, "The best scenic run”, "the longest run” and many more.

Nearly one thousand alumni join into the special Wechat group and more than 500 people took part in the event and completed 43,234 km. Their presence and run took them around the world: from Tsinghua’s own campus to Beijing Olympic Park to Silicon Valley to London Brockwell Park to Sydney’s Opera house and more.

This healthy run and event also became a great opportunity for the alumni to pick up exercises again. Although many have graduated for a long time, the memories of Tsinghua still remained in their hearts. One alumnus said in the Wechat group: “ I haven’t ran in ages and from this event, where I was able to run together with my friends, I feel that it is already in itself an accomplishment.” This event not only connects Tsinghua people but also encourages communication and interaction and above all, promotes the need for a healthy lifestyle.

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