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Lifeng SUN

Apr 6, 2021 14:15

职称 Professor 部门 Department of Computer Science and Technology
加盟部门 2004 邮箱 sunlf@tsinghua.edu.cn
电话 +86-10-62786910


Education background

Bachelor of System Engineering, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China, 1995;

Ph.D. in System Engineering, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China, 2000.

Social service

China Computer Federation: Secretary-General of Multimedia Committee.

Beijing Key Lay of Networked Multimedia: Director.

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Networked Multimedia; Multimedia Edge Computing; Multimedia BigData; Multimedia Cloud Computing; Video Analysis and Processing

Research Status

My professional interests lie in the areas of Video Streaming, Video Analysis and Processing, Multimedia Big Data, Social Media, Multimedia Cloud Computing. Recently, I’m working on Multimedia Edge Computing. I have published over 120 papers in the above domain including IEEE JSAC, TMM, TPDS, TIP, TCSVT, TMC, CVPR, INFOCOM, ICME, ACM TOMM, Multimedia, SIGIR, AAAI, WWW. I got the Annual Best Paper Award of IEEE TCSVT (2010), Best Paper Award of ACM Multimedia (2012), Best Student Paper Award of Multimedia Modeling (2015) and Best Student Paper finalists of IEEE ICASSP(2008) and MMSP(2007). I have led many collaborative research projects with industry, including Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, Boeing, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Huawei, Kuaishou etc.

Honors And Awards

The First Prize of Natural Science of Chinese Institute of Electronics (2015)

The First Prize of Science and Technology of Beijing (2013)

IEEE Trans. On Circuits and Systems for Video Technology: Annul Best Paper Award (2010).

ACM Multimedia 2012 Best Paper Award

IEEE Multimedia BigData 2017 Best Student Paper Award;

Multimedia Modeling 2015 Best Student Paper Award

Academic Achievement

[1] Lifeng Sun, Haitian Pang, Lin Gao: Joint Sponsor Scheduling in Cellular and Edge Caching Networks for Mobile Video Delivery. IEEE Trans. Multimedia 20(12): 3414-3427 (2018)

[2] Wen Hu, Yichao Jin, Yonggang Wen, Zhi Wang, Lifeng Sun: Toward Wi-Fi AP-Assisted Content Prefetching for an On-Demand TV Series: A Learning-Based Approach. IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Techn. 28(7): 1665-1676 (2018)

[3] Ming Tang, Haitian Pang, Shou Wang, Lin Gao, Jianwei Huang, Lifeng Sun: Multi-Dimensional Auction Mechanisms for Crowdsourced Mobile Video Streaming. IEEE/ACM Trans. Netw. 26(5): 2062-2075 (2018)

[4] Tianchi Huang, Rui-Xiao Zhang, Chao Zhou, Lifeng Sun: QARC: Video Quality Aware Rate Control for Real-Time Video Streaming based on Deep Reinforcement Learning. ACM Multimedia 2018: 1208-1216

[5] Haitian Pang, Cong Zhang, Fangxin Wang, Han Hu, Zhi Wang, Jiangchuan Liu, Lifeng Sun: Optimizing Personalized Interaction Experience in Crowd-Interactive Livecast: A Cloud-Edge Approach. ACM Multimedia 2018: 1217-1225

[6] Lifeng Sun, Ming Ma, Wen Hu, Haitian Pang, Zhi Wang: Beyond 1 Million Nodes: A Crowdsourced Video Content Delivery Network. IEEE MultiMedia 24(3): 54-63 (2017)

[7] Zhi Wang, Lifeng Sun, Miao Zhang, Haitian Pang, Erfang Tian, Wenwu Zhu: Propagation and Mobility-Aware D2D Social Content Replication. IEEE Trans. Mob. Comput. 16(4): 1107-1120 (2017)

[8] Lifeng Sun, Xiaoyan Wang, Zhi Wang, Hong Zhao, Wenwu Zhu: Social-Aware Video Recommendation for Online Social Groups. IEEE Trans. Multimedia 19(3): 609-618 (2017)

[9] Zhi Wang, Baochun Li, Lifeng Sun, Wenwu Zhu, Shiqiang Yang: Dispersing Instant Social Video Service Across Multiple Clouds. IEEE Trans. Parallel Distrib. Syst. 27(3): 735-747 (2016)

[10] Zhi Wang, Lifeng Sun, Chuan Wu, Wenwu Zhu, Qidong Zhuang, Shiqiang Yang: A Joint Online Transcoding and Delivery Approach for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming. IEEE Trans. Multimedia 17(6): 867-879 (2015)

[11] Zhi Wang, Lifeng Sun, Chuan Wu, Shiqiang Yang: Enhancing Internet-Scale Video Service Deployment Using Microblog-Based Prediction. IEEE Trans. Parallel Distrib. Syst. 26(3): 775-785 (2015)

[12] Zhi Wang, Lifeng Sun, Xiangwen Chen, Wenwu Zhu, Jiangchuan Liu, Minghua Chen, Shiqiang Yang: Propagation-based social-aware replication for social video contents. ACM Multimedia 2012: 29-38

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