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Apr 6, 2021 18:53

职称 Associate Professor 部门 Department of Computer Science and Technology
加盟部门 2000 邮箱 yuchen@tsinghua.edu.cn
电话 +86-10-62794240


Education background

Bachelor of Computer Science, National University of Defence Technology, Changsha, China, 1993;

Master of Computer Science, National University of Defence Technology, Changsha, China, 1997;

Ph.D. in Computer Science, National University of Defence Technology, Changsha, China, 2000.

Social service

China Computer Federation: Member (2005-);

China Computer Federation: Secretary-General of Pervasive Computing Technical Committee (2008-);

China Computer Federation: Member of System Software Technical Committee (2009-);

China Linux Standardization Group: Member (2005-);

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Operating Systems, Distributed Systems

Pervasive Computing, Parallel Computing

National 863 High-Tech Program: Infrastructure of Pervasive Computing Envrionment (2009-2010);

National 863 High-Tech Program: Operating System Optimaztion for Wireless Sensor Networks (2006-2009);

National 863 High-Tech Program: Operating System for Pervasive Computing (2003-2005).

Research Status

My working areas include operating systems, embedded systems, pervasive computing, and parallel computing.

Recently, I have been focusing on the OS&VMM optimization for multi-core computer architecture and high performance I/O devices. My students and I have published some papers in this field. I am also interested in the interoperation among devices in a pervasive computing environment.

For the purpose of better and easier researching OS, I have developed an open source project named SkyEye, which is a hardware simulator. SkyEye has been used in universities, companies and some research groups.

Honors And Awards

Ourstanding Course Award by Tsinghua University-Operating System (2008);

Distinguished Textbook Award by City of Beijing- Embedded System (2008);

Excellent Teaching Software Award by Tsingua University, First Class (2005);

Chinese Open Source Software Competition, Second Class Award-SkyEye (http://www.skyeye.org) (2004).

Academic Achievement

[1] Cui Yan, Yu Chen, Shi Yuanchun, etc., Parallel Scalability Comparison of Commodity Operating Systems on Large Scale Multi-cores. In Proceedings of the workshop on the interaction between Operating Systems and Computer Architecture, in conjunction with ISCA-36 (WIOSCA 2009).

[2] Cui Yan, Yu Chen, Shi Yuanchun, etc. OSMark: A Benchmark suite for Understanding Parallel Scalability of Operating Systems on Multi-cores. In Proceedings of 2nd IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (ICCSIT 2009).

[3] Cui Yan, Yu Chen, Shi Yuanchun, etc., Improving Kernel Scalability by Lock-Aware Thread Migration. In Extended Abstract of Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT 2009).

[4] Cui Yan, Yu Chen, Shi Yuanchun, etc., Scaling OLTP Applications on Multi-core Platforms. In Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS 2009).

[5] Jiang Wei, Zhou Yi Shu, Yu Chen, Shi Yuanchun, etc., "CFS Optimizations to KVM Threads on Multi-Core Environment ", The Fifteenth International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS'09)

[6] Wang Sheng,Chen Yu, etc. Fairness and Interactivity of Three CPU schedulers in Linux. In Proceedings of 15th IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing System and Applications (RTCSA 2009)

[7] Cheng Chang, Suo Yue, Yu Chen, Shi Yuancun, An OSGi-based Communication Portal for Smart Space, The 4th International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Applications,(ICPCA2009)Yu Chen, etc., An Energy-Aware Whole-System Dynamic Emulator - SkyEye, The 2006 IFIP International Conference on Embedded And Ubiquitous Computing, 2006,8.

[8] Kang Suo, Wang Hua Yong, Yu Chen, An Energy-awared Simulator for Energy Co-estimation in the Embedded System", The 2004 International Conference on Embedded Software and System, 2004

[9] Yu Chen, Wang XG, Jiao ZQ, Xie J,Du ZH, Li SL. "MyVIA: A design and implementation of the high performance virtual interface architecture".IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing, SEP 23-26, 2002.

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