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Zhiliang WANG

Apr 6, 2021 17:28

职称 Associate Professor 部门
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Education background

Bachelor of Computer Science, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 2001;

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 2006.

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Internet architecture and protocols (especially Internet routing, SDN, etc.)

Network verification and testing

Network measurement and monitoring

Network security

Honors And Awards

Internet Protocol Formal Testing: Key Technologies and Applications. Science and Technology Award of Chinese Institute of Electronics, First Class, 2016.

Detecting Prefix Hijackings in the Internet with Argus. Community Contribution Award in ACM IMC 2012(ACM Internet Measurement Conference).

4over6 Transition technology for Next Generation Internet and its application. Science and Technology Award of China Institute of Communications, First Class, 2012.

Academic Achievement

[1] Zhiliang Wang, Han Zhang, Xingang Shi, Xia Yin, Yahui Li, Haijun Geng, Qianhong Wu, Jianwei Liu. Efficient Scheduling of Weighted Coflows in Data Centers. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems. 2019, 30(9): 2003 - 2017.

[2] Han Zhang, Xingang Shi, Haijun Geng, Zhiliang Wang, Qianhong Wu, Jianwei Liu, Xia Yin. DA&FD – Deadline-Aware and Flow Duration-Based Rate Control for Mixed Flows in DCNs. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. 2019, 27(6): 2458-2471.

[3] Ying Zhong, Wenqi Chen, Zhiliang Wang, Yifan Chen, Kai Wang, Yahui Li, Xia Yin, Xingang Shi, Jiahai Yang, and Keqin Li. HELAD: A Novel Network Anomaly Detection Model Based on Heterogeneous Ensemble Learning. Computer Networks. Published Online.

[4] Yahui Li, Xia Yin, Zhiliang Wang, Jiangyuan Yao, Xingang Shi, Jianping Wu, Han Zhang, and Qing Wang. A Survey on Network Verification and Testing with Formal Methods: Approaches and Challenges. IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials. 2019, 21(1): 940-969. First Quarter, 2019.

[5] Wenlong Chen, Heyang Chen, Zhiliang Wang, Chengan Zhao, Mingwei Xu, Ke Xu, Yingya Guo. Congestion Avoidance Transmission Mechanism Based on Two-Dimensional Forwarding. Future Generation Computer System. 2020, 102: 1-13.

[6] Yingya Guo, Zhiliang Wang, Zhifeng Liu, Xia Yin, Xingang Shi, Jianping Wu, Yang Xu, H. Jonathan Chao. SOTE: Traffic Engineering in Hybrid Software Defined Networks. Computer Networks. 2019, 154: 60-72.

[7] Yingya Guo, Zhiliang Wang, Han Zhang, Xia Yin, Xingang Shi, Jianping Wu. Joint Optimization of Tasks Placement and Routing to Minimize Coflow Completion Time. Journal of Network and Computer Applications. 2019, 135: 47–61.

[8] Yahui Li, Zhiliang Wang, Jiangyuan Yao, Xia Yin, Xingang Shi, and Jianping Wu. MSAID: Automated Detection of Interference in Multiple SDN Applications. Computer Networks. 2019, 153: 49–62.

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[17] Geng Tian, Zhiliang Wang, Xia Yin, Zimu Li, Xingang Shi, Ziyi Lu, Chao Zhou, Yang Yu, Yingya Guo. Mining Network Traffic Anomaly Based on Adjustable Piecewise Entropy. IWQoS 2015 (23rd IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Quality and Service). June 15-16, 2015. Portland, Oregon, USA. 299 – 308

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