Educational Achievement

1 Degree Awarded

Each year, about 200 undergraduate students, 300 master students, and 60 Ph.D. students complete their programs and receive their degrees.

2 Excellent Doctorial Dissertation Awards

Three types of Excellent Doctorial Dissertation Awards are issued every year, by MOE, Beijing City Government, and China Computer Federation independently. Each university recommends the best Ph.D. dissertation candidates to the three award committees. In each year, the total number of MOE awarded dissertations is 100 for all disciplines (started from 1999), that of Beijing City Government (started from 2008) is 50 for all disciplines, and that of CCF (started from 2006) is 10 for computer science and technology. In the past ten years, fifteen dissertations from DCST won the awards.

3 Teaching Awards and Honors

In recognition of our teaching achievements, Beijing City Government issued the Beijing Educational Achievement Award twice to DCST, and the Beijing Distinguished Teacher Award to three faculties. The MOE issued the honored title “National Teaching Group” to a group of faculties in DCST.

To promote the quality of teaching, MOE issues the Outstanding Course Award to faculties for their course development and teaching. In recent years, 11 courses in DCST won the award, as list below:

  • Computer Language and Programming

  • Computer Organization

  • Fundamentals of Computer Literacy

  • Object-oriented Programming

  • Computer Architecture

  • Assembly Language Programming

  • Fundamentals of Computer Graphics

  • Object-oriented Software Engineering

  • Data Structure

  • Operating System

  • Embedded System

4 Textbook Publication

In the past years, the faculties in DCST have published more than 200 textbooks that cover many fields of computer science and technology. Some textbooks have been adopted by universities/colleges around China for years. As a result, some books have wide circulation, for examples, one sold over three million, three over one million, and three others over half million.

In recognition of our endeavor, MOE issued the Excellent Textbook Awards to 17 textbooks; Beijing City Government issued the Excellent Textbook Awards to 13 textbooks, and the first-class Beijing Educational Achievement Award to one of them.

(updated by 2019-04-11)