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Teaching Lab

To support teaching, DCST established the Computer Lab Center. The center is the leading one of the 10 national model centers in computer science and technology in China. As shown in Figure 1, it consists of 10 labs.

Figure 1 The Organization Chart of Computer Lab Center for Teaching

The labs provide an experiment environment for students to have hand-on experience with specially-designed equipments and dedicated resources. We have developed several series of equipments, including the TEC devices for teaching Computer Organization, and the TPC systems for teaching Computer Interfaces and Micro-Computers. The equipments and experiments are adopted by other universities for teaching. For examples, TEC and TPC have been adopted by more than 200 universities and 260 colleges. We also promote the transferring of research results into experimental settings. For example, the NetRiver equipment is designed on the basis of part of the research results of “IPv6 Core Router” project and now is used for teaching Computer Networks.