Student Admission

The annual undergraduate enrollment in DCST is about 160. The students are admitted through two channels: the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) and NCEE waived. The DCST students admitted through NCEE rank the top over one thousand of all students national wide, and many of them rank top 10 in their home provinces.

Special talented students can be admitted with the exemption of NCEE. For example, the high-school students with top ranking in national or international competitions can get the admission from DCST directly. The candidates for NCEE waived must be reviewed by the faculties in Tsinghua University. In the last five years, DCST has admitted 92% of all IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics) winners and 85% of all NOI (National Olympiad in Informatics) winners. To attract more talented students, we also organize other events like CCC (Canadian Computing Competition in Beijing) from 2007, and most of the winners are admitted to THCST.

(updated by 2019-04-11)