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Institute of Human-computer Interaction (HCI) and Media Integration

Oct 29, 2020 10:29

The institute of HCI and media integration mainly focus on the fundamental theories and technologies about pervasive computing and environment, media intelligent analysis, human computer interaction, etc., which can be widely applied into fields like media processing, digital entertainment, content security, e-learning, new terminal design, Intelligent HCI, smart room/workspace, etc. Main research directions include:

Intelligent information processing:intelligent analysis on visual media, multimedia codec and retrieval, media streaming, visual/acoustic information recognition and integration, digital geometrics, and pervasive accessing on multimedia.

Harmonious HCI:affective computing, multimodal user interface, pen-style and multi-touch interaction, interactive desktop, brain-computer interface, adaptive interface conversion, and social network analysis.

Pervasive computing:pervasive computing modeling, active service, embedded system, context-aware computing, smart room, digital home gateway, new terminal design, and sensor network.