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Minlie HUANG

Oct 30, 2020 14:41

  • Minlie HUANG

  • Associate Professor, PhD

  • Department of Computer Science and Technology

  • Joined Department: 2006

  • Email:aihuang@tsinghua.edu.cn

  • URL: http://www.qanswers.net/faculty/hml/

  • Phone:+86-10-62796260

  • Fax:+86-10-62782266

Education background

Bachelor of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, China, 2000;

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Tsinghua University, China, 2006.

Social service

Area chairs for EMNLP 2012/2014


Associate editors of BMC bioinformatics

Reviewers for Bioinformatics, Knowledge-based Systems, TALIP, TKDE

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis, Opinion Mining

Machine learning theories and applications, social data mining

NSFC project: Graph-based Text Mining Algorithms and Theories (2009-2011);

NSFC project: Information Diversity and Summarization (2013-2016);

National Tech. Supporting Program: NLP Problems in Legal Text Processing (2013-2015);

National 973 project: Basic Theory for Social Sensor Data Processing (2012-2016);

Research Status

My research interest includes natural language processing, information diversity and summarization, sentiment analysis, opinion mining, social data mining, and machine learning theories and applications. My publications appear in top-ranking conferences such as ACL(2014/2012/2010/2009), AAAI (2012/2010), IJCAI, COLING, CIKM (2013/2012), ICDM (2011/2009/2008), NAACL, and PAKDD, and journals such as Knowledge and Information System, Genome Biology, Bioinformatics, BMC Bioinformatics, and JAMIA. I serve as organizer or PC member for ACL, EACL, COLING, EMNLP (area chair), NAACL, CIKM, ICDM, SDM, etc., and associate editors of BMC bioinformatics, and reviewers for Bioinformatics, Knowledge-based Systems, TALIP, TKDE, etc.

During the past years, I have been participating in TREC/TAC Competitions (organized by NIST of USA), which are standard evaluation conferences on information retrieval and information processing. In particular, we have achieved leading results on tasks of document summarization, text entailment, and knowledge linking. I had proposed a new approach to summarizing multiple documents, which is based on information distance theory. Several document summarization algorithms I developed have been licensed to commercial use. Working on sentiment analysis and opinion mining for several years, I proposed novel methods and algorithms for opinion ranking, opinion extraction and classification, and multi-label classification.I developed a Chinese review mining system named cReviewMiner, which presents deep review mining results for digital products.

I was a visiting research fellow in University of Hamburg, Germany in 2006. In 2010, I was invited to conduct joint research at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in the United States from January to July. I was a visiting professor for social data mining in National University of Singapore in Feb, 2014.

Honors And Awards

Tsinghua University Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award (2006);

Tsinghua University's Honored Ph.D. Graduate (2006);

Beijing Higher Education Young Elite Teacher Award (2014).

Academic Achievement

[1]. Minlie Huang, Borui Ye, Yichen Wang, Xiaoyan Zhu. New word finding for sentiment analysis. ACL 2014, June 22~26, Baltimore, MD, USA.

[2]. Lei Fang, Minlie Huang, Xiaoyan Zhu: Exploring weakly supervised latent sentiment explanations for aspect-level review analysis. CIKM 2013: 1057-1066.

[3]. Lei Fang andMinlie Huang. Fine Granular Aspect Analysis using Latent Structural Models. ACL 2012, July 8-14, 2012, Jeju, Republic of Korea.

[4]. Minlie Huang, Xing Shi, Feng Jin, Xiaoyan Zhu. Using First-order Logic to Compress Sentences. AAAI 2012, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

[5]. Minlie Huang, Jingchen Liu, and Xiaoyan Zhu. GeneTUKit: a software for document-level gene normalization. Bioinformatics 2011 : btr042v1-btr042. (IF>5.0)

[6]. Minlie Huang, AurelieNeveol, Zhiyong Lu. Recommending MeSH Terms for Annotating Biomedical Articles. JAMIA 2011 (IF~4.0)

[7]. MattiaTomasoni and Minlie Huang. Metadata-Aware Measures for Answer Summarization in Community Question Answering. ACL 2010, July 11–16, 2010. Uppsala, Sweden.

[8]. Fangtao Li, Minlie Huang, Xiaoyan Zhu. Sentiment Analysis with Global Topics and Local Dependency. AAAI 2010, July 11–15, 2010. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

[9]. Chong Long, Minlie Huang, Xiaoyan Zhu, Ming Li. Multi-Document Summarization by Information Distance. In Proceedings of the IEEE 9th International Conference on Data Mining (IEEE ICDM 2009).

[10]. Fangtao Li, Yang Tang, Minlie Huang, Xiaoyan Zhu. Answering Opinion Questions with Random Walks on Graphs. ACL 2009.

[11]. Hongning Wang, Minlie Huang, Xiaoyan Zhu. A Generative Probabilistic Model for Multi-Label Classification. In Proceedings of the IEEE 8th International Conference on Data Mining (IEEE ICDM 2008).

[12]. Minlie Huang, Xiaoyan Zhu, Yu Hao, Payan D G, Kun Qu, and Ming Li. Discovering patterns to extract protein-protein interactions from full texts. Bioinformatics, 2004, 20: 3604-3612. (IF>5.0)

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