Academic Exchange Program

We encourage students to attend international academic activities. Every year, more than 200 students attend international conferences and more than 100 students participate in academic exchange programs, with financial support from various grants and research projects. Special programs are organized for Ph.D. students to enhance their academic networking, expand their vision, and inspire innovative thinking and research enthusiasm.

1. DCST Doctoral Forum

DCST Doctoral Forum is organized once a year as the most important academic event for our Ph.D. students. All Ph.D. students are required to attend the forum twice and give presentation during their Ph.D. study. The forum is organized by Ph.D. students following the format of an international conference with presentations and posters. It also invites professors and international experts to give comments on presented reports and to give keynotes on the latest advancement of science and technologies.

2. Beijing-HK Doctoral Forum

This forum was initiated in 2006 as part of a project sponsored by MOE (Ministry of Education) for strengthening the communication between the Ph.D. students of Hong Kong and Beijing. Since then, the forum has been an annual event for five years. It is jointly organized by Tsinghua University and Chinese University of Hong Kong, with about 50-80 participants each year including Ph.D. candidates, invited industry experts, and faculties.

The themes of the forum cover a wide range of the state-of-the-art research topics, such as Network and Media Computing, Web Intelligence, etc.. The forum has become an internationalized event with a growing number of students participating from abroad.

3. China-German Ph.D. Student Exchange Program

This is a joint program between Tsinghua University and Universität Hamburg, sponsored by China MOE and German DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft). The program is on “Cross-modal Interaction in Natural Artificial Cognitive Systems” (CINACS). It promotes cross-disciplinary research by involving Ph.D. students from various disciplines including Informatics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Biotechnology Science, etc. Each university forms a group of eight faculties from different disciplines to jointly supervise the students in the program.

(updated by 2019-04-11)