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Storage System Team in Computer Science Department Tops IO500 World Ranking

Nov 27, 2020 17:25

On November 19, MadFS, a supercomputing burst buffer file system developed by the storage system team of the Department of Computer Science, won the first place on the full IO500 list and the first place on the 10-node list with scores of 7043.99 and 1129.75, respectively. The test was conducted on Pengcheng Cloudbrain II of Pengcheng Lab in Shenzhen China. The core staffs of MadFS include Kang Chen(Associate Researcher), Yongwei Wu(Professor), Wenguang Chen(Professor) and Weimin Zheng(Professor, Member of CAE) and graduate students Runji Wang, Hanyang Mao, Yiyuan Liu and Shengqi Chen from the Department of Computer Science.

Pengcheng Cloudbrain II is a high-performance computer based on Huawei Kunpeng 920 architecture. The computer started its trial running in October 2020. The storage system of Pengcheng Cloudbrain II is based on MadFS. MadFS has a few innovative technologies to improve the overall performance, such as Rust-based high scalable concurrent access, large granularity data cache and kernel bypass, specially designed zero-copy RPC. Tsinghua University, Pengcheng Lab and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. jointly conducted the IO500 test, which was an extreme test of the system hardware and software performance. The team overcame the stringent epidemic prevention and control requirements, short development and testing time and many other difficulties, and finally achieved good results.

Top 10 on the Full IO500 List

The IO500 is one of the most influential global rankings of storage performance in the field of high performance computing, and includes two major parts: data bandwidth BW (GiB/S) and metadata performance MD (KIOP/S), with the total score obtained by taking the geometric mean of the scores. In the field of HPC computing, not only CPU computing power is important, but also the data transmission of the IO system is a bottleneck. Started from November 2017, the IO500 list is published biannually at the top conferences in HPC, SC in the US and ISC in Germany.

The High P

Top 10 on the 10-Node List

erformance Computing Technology Institute of the Department of Computer Science has been focusing on the development of high-performance storage systems for many years, and has developed a number of storage systems such as TH-MSNS, MeePo, TStor, etc. The team of "E-Class High Performance Computer System Architecture" in the institute was established in May 2016, with the main research direction of computer architecture and system software. A series of influential research work has been carried out mainly in the fields of storage, brain-like computing, big data processing, and high performance computing. The MeePo storage system won Second Prize for National Technology Invention in 2015. The TStor storage system won Development Achievement Award of China's Specialized Storage Industry from the China Computer Industry Association in 2019.

Pengcheng Cloudbrain II of Pengcheng Lab