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Tsinghua Assistant Professor Dong Yuxiao wins SIGKDD Rising Star Award

Aug 23, 2022 13:31

The 2022 ACM SIGKDD International Conference announced the winners of its six major awards on Aug 16th.

Dong Yuxiao, an Assistant Professor of Tsinghua University’s Department of Computer Science and Technology, won the SIGKDD Rising Star Award for his research in graph representation learning and pre-training after earning his Ph.D.

According to SIGKDD, the rising star award was established in 2020 with the goal of promoting young data mining researchers as they build up their careers. It recognizes one’s research output in the first five years after Ph.D. graduation. SIGKDD usually selects one honoree every year worldwide. Dong is the first award recipient who comes from an academic institution in Asia.

Dong’s research focused on data mining. His recent research includes the pre-training of graph neural networks, heterogeneous graph representation learning, and open-sourced graph deep learning framework CogDL, some of which were deployed for billion-scale applications and nominated for best papers in top data mining venues.

Dong holds a doctoral degree from the University of Notre Dame. He won the 2017 SIGKDD Doctoral Dissertation Award Honorable Mention. Before joining Tsinghua, he was a researcher at Meta AI and Microsoft Research Redmond.

reprinted from:Tsinghua Assistant Professor Dong Yuxiao wins SIGKDD Rising Star Award-Tsinghua University