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​Tsinghua’s Storage Research Group takes honors on World Top 500 List

Jun 12, 2023 09:48

The Pengcheng Cloudbrain-II storage system, developed jointly by the Department of Computer Science and Technology of Tsinghua University and Pengcheng Laboratory, has secured the top spot on the latest IO500 world ranking announced on May 24 at ISC’23.

The storage system is based on the Pengcheng Cloudbrain-II infrastructure and fully powered by SuperFS, a high-performance file system independently developed by the Storage Research Group of the Department of Computer Science and Technology. It set a new world record in the full-node test with an overall score of over 210,000 points, surpassing the current second place by over 70,000 points. The key contributors to the SuperFS project are the faculty members including Professor Youyou Lu and Professor Jiwu Shu, and students in the Storage Research Group including Shaoxun Zeng, Hao Guo, and Yitian Yang. This project received guidance and great support from Academician Weimin Zheng and Professor Wenguang Chen, as well as the Pengcheng Laboratory.

Storage systems in high-performance computing are as significant as their computational counterparts. IO500, serving as a global benchmark of storage system performance, is one of the most influential rankings in the field of high-performance computing. Since November 2017, the IO500 lists are announced annually at the SC Conference in the US and the ISC Conference in Europe, both of which are premier conferences on high-performance computing.

reprinted from:Tsinghua’s Storage Research Group takes honors on World Top 500 List-Tsinghua University