Extracurricular Activities

To foster students’ creativity and capability, we also organize a wide range of extracurricular academic activities. Many students take an active part in the planning, organization and participation of the activities.

  • 1. Student Research Training (SRT)

    Established in 2000, the SRT program helps the students to get research experiences and develop research interests at an early stage of their undergraduate program. Each semester, the DCST faculty members select topics from their research projects and call undergraduate students for participation in the projects. The selected students join the research group and work under the supervision of the advisors. During 2012-2016, more than 355 undergraduate students work on over 297 SRT projects. 3 of them won the First Place Awards of Tsinghua SRT program, and 2 projects won the Second Place Award. The students have greatly benefited from SRT and many of them continue the SRT research in their graduate study.

  • 2. International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM/ICPC)

    ACM/ICPC provides an open environment for talented students to further explore their research and practice capabilities. DCST started to participate in the ACM/ICPC contest since 1997 and are always qualified for the final contest. DCST have ranked the 2nd place for 2 times, and won gold medals for 4 times in the ICPC World Finals.

  • 3. “The Challenge Cup”

“The Challenge Cup” is the contest of extracurricular work of science and technology for all undergraduate students national wide. It is originated from Tsinghua University, and organized every two years from 1989 in China. In Tsinghua, the corresponding contest is held annually. The student works with innovative ideas, and application values are awarded and exhibited for technology transferring. Our students have won The Challenge Cup for 6 times, making our department the most successful among all the schools and departments in Tsinghua.

  • 4. Tsinghua Artificial Intelligence Programming Contest

The contest requires the participants to develop AI (Artificial Intelligence) programs for playing games in a machine-machine manner. This contest is organized by the team from the Student Association of Science and Technology. Many students participate actively in the planning and operation, game design, platform development, and technical support for the contest. From the 10th contest in 2006, it started to attract students from other universities for participation.

5. Beijing-Hsinchu Tsinghua Students Programming Contest

The two campuses of Tsinghua University at Beijing and Hsinchu, Taiwan initiated the programming contest in1997. In 2006, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology began to join the contest. Since then, the three universities host the contest in turn each year.

6. Student Cluster Competition

Student Cluster Competition is a series of international events for undergraduate students to practice supercomputing technologies. Competing teams are required to run different kinds of scientific applications on server clusters and get performance as high as possible with respect to restrict of certain power consumption. Our team has competed in the series since 2008, and won 3 champion titles in ASC, ISC and SC events simultaneously in 2015.

(updated by 2019-04-11)