Special Programs

Two special programs are offered to accommodate the needs of computer education for talented students and students from other disciplines, including the special pilot computer science program, the international joint degree program, university service courses and courses for minoring in DCST.

  • 1. International Joint Degree Program

    International collaboration is critical to keep track of the state-of-the-art progress, broaden research vision, and promote academic networking. DCST has established various international exchange programs with many renowned universities, institutes, and companies around the world. For example, we established a joint degree program with the University of Waterloo in Canada in 2007. The students are required to take three-year undergraduate study at Tsinghua University and continue their graduate study for two more years at University of Waterloo. They graduate with the bachelor degree from Tsinghua University and the master degree from University of Waterloo. So far, 21 students joined the program.

  • 2. Minor in Computer Science and Technology

  • We also provide courses for students minored in computer science and technology to support cross-disciplinary education. These courses are set up for all full-time undergraduate student university wide. On average, about 20 students take these courses and get the certificates of minoring in computer science and technology each year.