Electronic Design Automation

Electronic design automation (also known as EDA or ECAD) is a category concerning the algorithms and tools for designing integrated circuits. With the continuous scaling of semiconductor technology, EDA has rapidly developed to handle ultra large scale integration (ULSI) facing various challenges. As a subset of both electrical engineering and computer science, it covers a number of fields such as algorithm design, electronic analysis, computer architecture and integrated circuit design. With more than 30 years development, the EDA research of Tsinghua covers the design flow from front-end high level synthesis to back-end physical design.

Tsinghua EDA group has acquired the international reputation due to the outstanding research achievements on packing optimization algorithms, interconnect-centric design methodology and SoC (System on Chip) design methodology. In recent years, we have been funded with many high level national projects including 4 Major 863 projects, 3 National 973 fundamental research projects, 2 Major international co-operation program by NSFC and tens of NSFC projects and international cooperation projects. In particular, we are leading a national 11-5 key project “Advanced EDA platform development” which is about 15 million RMB and the 2 Major international co-operation programs “Giga-Scale System-On-A-Chip International Research Center (2001-2005)” and “International Center for Design on Nanotechnologies (2006-2009)” got Grade A in final evaluation by NSFC in 2005 and is one of top-10 US/China collaboration projects selected by NSF to highlight in 2005. We have published a large number of high-quality papers in high-level international journals and the top international conferences (such as more than 20 paper were published on IEEE Transactions and about 25 papers were published on the top conferences such as DAC, ICCAD, ISPD), among which, the paper published in DAC’2009 got the best paper nomination which was the first time that this nomination was given to the authors from mainland China. In recent 5 year, we obtained Second Prize of Award for Science and Technology Progress, Beijing (2007) and Science and Technology Progress Award by Ministry of Education, Second Class (2006). We also got the National Awards for Science and Technology Progress, third class (1985), second class(1989), and first class(1993) . We have co-operations with the international top research groups and published many co-author papers, such as the groups in Stanford Univ., UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD, Purdue University, UCR in American, Hiroshima University, Waseda University in Japan, KAIST in Korea and Hong Kong Chinese University in Hong Kong. The international co-operation with international leading companies such as Intel US, Synopsys US, Cadence US., JEDAT Japan makes our search achievement applied to practical applications.