Pervasive Computing

Pervasive Computing (also known as Ubiquitous Computing) is a new wave of computing paradigm. The major idea is based on the fusion of cyberspace and physical space, and the distraction-free computing. It covers quite broad fields of computer science. The mission of research in this direction is to address several fundamental problems and develop key technologies, including software infrastructure, context awareness, and natural multi-modal user interaction. It is also a research concern in the national short and long term development plan.

As pervasive computing environments include various kinds of devices, how to construct system and application software on the devices is a critical issue for deploying pervasive computing applications. We introduced the concept and principle of transparent computing to cope with large-scale & variant pervasive computing environments. A context-awareness paradigm and several multi-modal interfaces were developed to enable natural human media interaction in a seamless, unobtrusive, and often invisible way. We have also set up several comprehensive research testbeds of smart space, including Smart Classroom, SEMIC, and Smart Home.

This research direction has been founded by many high level projects of the National High Technique Program (863), National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC), and industries, including “The basic fundamentals and methods of affective computing” (key project of NSFC, 3M RMB) , “The fundamental technology and system of pervasive computing” (key project of 863 Program, 55M RMB) , “Key techniques and prototype systems for smart spaces”(863 Program, 2.7M RMB), “Large scale tabletop system” (863 Program, 2.78M RMB), “Network operating system for the model of new network application” (NSFC, 53M RMB), and “Scalable Architecture and Systems for Context-Aware Services” (Nokia Research, China) to name a few.

We have published a large number of papers in journals and conferences including IEEE Pervasive Computing, Trans on ASLP, TPDS, TKDE, ISPASS, UIC, INFOCOM, ACM MM, CHI, UIST, etc. We have obtained more than 20 Chinese and US patents, and some of them like “Computing Devices and Methods Based on Transparent Computing” have been transferred to industry which has made successful business. Our research and application achievements also won several awards including the second class National Award for Technological Invention, China patent Excellence Award, and the Progress Award of Science and Technology from the Ministry of Education.

In this direction,we have a Key Laboratory of Pervasive Computing, established by the Ministry of Education in 2003.